What are the evidences to support that Islam is the ultimate reality?What are the evidences to support that Islam is the ultimate reality?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

None of what has been said here is proof because there is no way to prove things that have to be taken on faith.  The whole idea of God and the rightness of any one religion is, by definition, a matter of faith.  Who is right in terms of matters of faith can never be proven in this life.

You can assert that the Quran is actually the word of God, but other religions can assert that their scripture is true as well.  No one can be proven right until after they die and find out what happens next.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I know you are looking for support, but there is no proof that any one religion is it. You have to learn to accept other people's beliefs. Tolerance is the key to peace. So many religions want to prove that they are the only truth, but all that does is create conflict between people who really have more beliefs in common than different.
sweety92 | Student

The Quran is actually the words of God, if you read it you'd realise that there are no contradictions in it, and not a single verse has been changed, the verses are still the same as it was when first revealed. The Quran gives many signs as well, it tells us about the shape of the world for example and many other things, which back in those days people were not aware of, that means that a human could not have wrote those things, it is very clear that the Quran is the words of God, and so Islam is the religion that God want us to believe in.

there are many misunderstandings about Islam nowadays, but the truth is that Islam is the truth and is a peaceful and a beautiful religion, which is why so many people decide to become muslims. Yusuf Estes was a priest before (or something like that, he used tell people about christianity trying to convert them),  but some years back he accepted Islam, and so did other people of his family.

Islam is the truth.

mathewom | Student

“Islam was the virtual creator of the Renaissance in Europe”
(Robert L. Gullisk, Muhammad the Educator)

The Islamic world has contributed too much, and these gifts are completely ignored by the world because of the hatred caused by the missionaries. The ‘Dark Ages’ of Europe was extinguished by the Light of Islam, and the entire world has ignored the historical facts of how Europe came to power, it translated the Arabic works of Muslim Spain and used the knowledge to attack Islam. A clear study of European history shows that Islam gave birth to the Renaissance, and the Muslim contributions were carried over to Europe. The ignorant Europeans of the ‘Dark Ages’ were civilized by the knowledge transmitted to them.


Despite the growth of antagonism, Moslem (Muslim) rulers seldom made their Christian subjects suffer for the Crusades. When the Saracens finally resumed the full control of Palestine the Christians were given their former status as dhimmis. The Coptic Church, too had little cause for complaint under Saladin's (Salahuddin) strong government, and during the time of the earlier Mameluke sultans who succeeded him the Copts experienced more enlightened justice than they had hitherto known. The only effect of the Crusaders upon Egyptian Christians was to keep them for a while from pilgrimage to Jerusalem, for as long as the Frank were in charge heretics were forbidden access to the shrines. Not until the Moslem victories could they enjoy their rights as Christians. Author : James Addison Book Reference : 'The Christian Approach to the Moslem,' p. 35


The world is taking advantage of Islam, and waging war on Muslim countries after giving them so many gifts. The Christian missionaries are raising the dust throughout the Muslim world. But one day people will realize that without Islam, we’d be living in Darkness.