What evidence is used to support Abigail Williams assertion that Elizabeth Proctor is guilty of witchcraft?  

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In Act II, Cheever comes to the Proctor household to investigate Elizabeth.  He has a warrant to check the house for poppets (homemade dolls).  Elizabeth is confused since she says she "has never kept no poppets, not since I were a girl."

Cheever tells the Proctors that Abigail came to dinner that evening with a needle stuck in her belly.  Abigail has told the court that Elizabeth Proctor sent her spirit out that night and stabbed her.  Cheever and Hale feel that they have the necessary proof, when they see a poppet on the mantel and find a needle hidden inside.

The audience knows that Mary Warren made the poppet and gave it to Elizabeth in scene 2.  Mary Warren tells Hale that she made the poppet and kept the needle inside for safe keeping.  She even points out that Abigail saw he do this, and so should know.

We see here that the courts are not interested solely in the truth.  Even when Mary Warren admits that the poppet is hers, Hale doubts her honesty.

Child, are you certain this be your natural memory? May it be, perhaps, that someone conjures you, even now, to say this?

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The poppet found in the Proctor's house had a needle poked in the the stomach. Abigail had a needle in her stomach (that she put there herself) and told everyone that Elizabeth did this to her and told them about the poppet. So that's the evidence.


hope this isn't confusing.