Bless Me, Ultima

by Rudolfo Anaya

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What evidence is there that the men from the bar believe in and are afraid of witchcraft?

Expert Answers

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I believe you are referring to Chapter 10 when Ultima and Antonio go to cure Antonio's uncle from the curse the Trementina sisters have put on him. Three of the men in the bar are shocked that Ultima would dare to face Tenorio with only Antonio by her side. "They had not expected her to come into this place of evil." Even though the fourth man, Tenorio, doesn't turn around to look at them, Antonio can see his shoulders shaking with fear. Tenorio makes the sign of the cross that is supposed to work against a witch (bruja), but it doesn't affect Ultima. The men decide she must have powers that the devil himself has given her. The three men with Tenorio are so nervous and afraid of Ultima that Tenorio can't depend on them to act as witnesses against Ultima. All they can do is stand there and stare at Ultima. When Ultima tells Tenorio she knows when and where the curse was put on Lucas, the three men can't get out of the bar fast enough. They are more afraid of Ultima's powers than they are of Tenorio's anger for not supporting him.

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