What evidence is there that Macbeth's personal disintegration is having its effect on life and conditions in Scotland?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the fact that Macbeth's actions inspire a revolution from outside the nation's borders helps to prove that Scotland is in dire condition.  Macbeth's actions inspire an attack on Scotland from England.  Macduff and Malcolm both recognize how Macbeth cannot be redeemed, and how once this point of moral and political transgression has been reached, change can only be brought about through intense and radical means.  Given the fact that violent change is going to ensure, this has profound impact on the life and conditions of Scotland.  Part of this lies in the idea that others will have to give their lives for Macbeth's action.  The ensuing revolution that follows is one where soldiers under Macbeth's orders will have to fight for a king that has lacked legitimacy in his usurping the throne.  In this light, morally and politically corrupt leadership causes others to have to pay the ultimate sacrifice.