What evidence is there that Bruno's family is wealthy and influential?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From the first chapter of the text, there are some significant indications that Bruno's family is wealthy and influential.  The fact that they have Maria as their maid indicates they are well off.  Bruno has many items to be packed and would not if his family were not wealthy.  The family also has Lars the butler, again indicating wealth and influence.  Bruno's recollection of "the Fury" coming to their house for dinner indicates that the family does have some influence.  Even if one did not know who "the Fury" was, Bruno's retelling indicates that he was a person of importance.  This helps to convey that the family was of importance, as well.  Such a condition is enhanced by Bruno's noting that his father wears as "fantastic uniform," indicating status and a sense of position that indicates importance. 

Bruno's mother indicates that the family's move is because of father's basic promotion and this helps to confirm that there is influence in the family's being.  When Bruno describes the sadness over the home he is leaving, it is understood that the family is wealthy.  The large nature of the house, the cook who prepares the family's meals, as well as the nature of items in the house such as windows with views and banisters that are palatial indicate privilege and status.  From the opening chapter, there is much in way of evidence that Bruno's family is wealthy and influential.

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