In The Pearl, what evidence is there to show that the pearl buyers worked together to cheat the pearl fisher?    

Expert Answers
mrsenglish eNotes educator| Certified Educator

   The pearl buyers prepare for Kino's arrival by hiding smaller pearls.  They also display nervous habits, such as rolling a coin back and forth.  Beyond that, the narrator informs the reader that there is one boss of the pearl buyers who determines what the price should be.  The pearl buyers with whom Kino meets have already been told a price and are only there to give the appearance of competition.  One offers a low price, and the others are called in only to show that no one else would offer more and that the large pearl is only a "curiosity."  This creates dramatic irony because the reader knows for a fact that Kino is being cheated.  Kino believes this and storms out, but he does not know for sure.  Other characters believe that he has been foolish and should have sold the pearl.  None of them know about the pearl buying system.

indiantatti | Student

the significance is that the when the first buyer says that the pearl is fake then others agree.this makes kino mad then he decides to leave. the buyers have a conversation to themselves talking about how they went a bit hard on kino.