What evidence is there in chapters 31-32 of Pride and Prejudice to suggest that Darcy has become increasingly attached to Elizabeth?

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In chapters 31-32,  Darcy has gone out of his way to spend time with Elizabeth, to the point that her friend Charlotte notices and conjectures that Darcy may be in love with Elizabeth.  Darcy also randomly calls on Elizabeth in an awkward sort of manner to inform her that Mr. Bingley is unlikely to spend more time at Netherfield.

It can be argued in this visit, he's either feeling guilty because he knows he made it so Bingley won't be seeing Elizabeth's sister, Jane, and now has feelings for Elizabeth so he feels badly for causing her sister unhappiness, *or* he was going to try to propose to her then and there (explaining why he called on her personally) and chickened out so he had to have a reason to call on her (and came up with telling her about Bingley), thus bringing us back to he probably also feels guilty for blocking the match between Jane and Bingley.

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