What evidence is there for Christianity?This time I am talking about events like... Noah's flood, The creation of the world, and any other event that could go with or comprimise other fact's about...

What evidence is there for Christianity?

This time I am talking about events like... Noah's flood, The creation of the world, and any other event that could go with or comprimise other fact's about history. Ranging from old to new testament.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The question of Christian evidence has been the subject of many entire books. The main issue in determining the historical accuracy of the Bible, as any other text that writes about events in the past, is the grounds on which we trust its evidence. There are some historical elements of the Bible, such as the existence of a messianic Jewish prophet named Jesus who was probably killed by the Romans ca. 33 AD, that are confirmed by other sources and do not seem inherently improbable. Other elements, such as the resurrection of Jesus and Virgin birth are only attested by followers of Christianity; whether you believe these to be literally true, metaphors with spiritual but not literal truth, or completely fictional depends on the degree to which you consider the Bible to have been divinely inspired.

samjazael123 | Student

Well Christinaity has many proofs just as Bhuddism and even Islam. I have studied many religions and even languages, coptic, Arabic, and Latin. Christianity is a religion that started by miracle after miracle. Jesus was a healer and caught the eye of many powers in government. He Raised a man name Lazarus from the dead, he healed a man whom couldn't walk to the pool of Bethesda to get healed from paralysis. So Jesus helped him walk. He also predicted the destruction of the second temple. Many people might see these as mere myths or legends, but throughout history there have been many people that could heal. Even in the other faiths, from hinduism to Islam. Though there are proofs that can actually be seen by modern eyes. That even we can understand as fellow doubters.

Well it begins with the historical figure King Herod whom was the first Non-Jew or Gentile to therefore gain control of the Jewish Kingdom. He was a very renound man whom tried to gain the hearts of the Jews by building the Second temple. Though there was also a darker side of him. One is that he tried to kill baby Jesus causing the slaughter of innocents. He failed and Jesus survived as he Joseph and Mary fled into Egypt. Well Herod actually Existed historical record dated a tomb to the exact date as that of King Herod. Even signs indicating it as his tomb. Though in shambles it was huge at one time located on top of a hilltop. in Northern Isreal.

Another Historical figure is St.Peter the man was said, to have been the first Pope as well as the epigy of Christinaity. Some claim in the Vatican lies the body of st peter under a catacomb, yet he was a saint and disciple of Jesus many though are skepticle. Another historical is that of Pontious Pilate the man who ordered Jesus to be crucified. He was the one that is the most controversial man in all of Christianity. He is mentioned as a leader of rome known for his harsh attitudes and even his corruption. He is mentioned by name in a slab near the temple of Venus dated 19 years after his death. though a little late. He is mentioned again my early Christian leaders as a man of hate. Even he is the most hated man in history even by his own people.

Also the third thing many people seem to forget as evidence is that of the geography. Much of the holy land is divided by the three world religions "which we all know well." Many muslims don't want any excavations under the dome of the rock in Arabic "Haraam-Al-Shariff" also called al-aqsa masjed or Mousque. Is the most disputed place in history. The reason for this is because Israel has been conquered countless times some by people that we barely ever here of in History. Jerusalem is a city under a city as well as a land within a land. Most of the city can be historically matched by many cultures.

From the most well known is of Roman conquest, yet the loss of many artifacts might be due to the countless kings that have laid hold to the city. Israel in fact has been a place which artifacts aren't even a memory. People have been faking and destroying holy relics for years.  Though there have been many newly discovered biblical cities just now.

gamerboy7991 | Student

Since Jesus Christ was born (1 A.D.) and as he got older and older, he taught priests, bishops, and popes the ways of God. Before Jesus was born, God saw that many people sinned and they needed help on how to prevent sinning, so God incarnated into Jesus. Jesus saved everyone from sins, showing them how to prevent it such as confessing, etc. And if you didn't know, Jesus is God. As Jesus way teaching more and more about the ways of God, the 12 disciples of Jesus wrote what he did and how he did it in what is known today as the Bible.