The Reluctant Fundamentalist Questions and Answers
by Mohsin Hamid

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What evidence is there to prove that Changez is "a lover of America"?

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In my mind, I think that one of the strongest pieces of evidence to suggest that Changez is a lover of America would have to be his initial zeal towards it.  In the exposition of his narrative, Changez loves America.  He likens himself to a film star in his start in America.  There is absolute passion and intensity towards his own embrace of the American dream and his role in it.  He immerses himself in America, similar to how one acts when they are in love.  Throughout the course of his experience, there are more complex and intricate emotions that emerge.  These emotions help to establish how Changez becomes the lover who is spurned, hurt, and cast aside in their affair with "the other."  When he "smiles" at the towers' collapse, it is a moment in which one sees how Changez is the lover who revels at the hurt the other experiences, a hurt that he himself has experienced multiple times.  By the end of the narrative, Changez has defined himself in such stark opposition to "the other," that one almost notices how much he is still trying to conceal the love he holds for it.  His attempts at redefinition might be one of compensation for a love that he has.  Changez's willingness to talk so openly with the American about his experiences in America might also represent how he is still a "lover" of it, one who wishes to relive the hurt in order to bring themselves closer to that which he loved.

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