What evidence from Lord of the Flies shows that Piggy could be the best leader?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Piggy is by far the most intelligent boy on the island. Ralph even admits that he does not have the mental capacity that Piggy does, and Piggy is able to solve problems and explain various situations that the other boys cannot. Piggy's intelligence would give him the ability to make correct decisions that are in the best interest of the group. Piggy is a strict rule follower and favors a democratic system of governing the boys. If Piggy were the leader, each boy would be treated equally and have the opportunity to express their opinion. There are numerous times throughout the novel when Piggy argues with Jack about the importance of following the rules. His affinity for following rules and his determination to make sure they are followed are positive leadership qualities. Piggy is focused on maintaining the signal fire and building huts. He recognizes that these two tasks are essential to the boys' survival and rescue. Having the ability to prioritize the most essential elements for survival and rescue are also important qualities in a good leader. Piggy is not scared to speak his mind. Unlike Simon, Piggy has the ability to articulate his thoughts, even when he has unpopular opinions. Being able to speak publicly and address the boys is another quality that would make Piggy a good leader. Despite his physical inferiority, Piggy is mentally capable of being a good leader.

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