What evidence is there that Maniac Magee has become a legend in Maniac Magee?

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Jeffrey Lionel Magee, who is affectionately referred to as Maniac Magee, is a legend throughout the racially divided town of Two Mills, Pennsylvania. Maniac Magee is a wandering orphan who is notorious for completing nearly impossible feats which leave a lasting legacy and make him a legend throughout the town. Maniac's first amazing feat is running two hundred miles in fifty-one weeks to arrive at Two Mills. He then interrupts a football game and makes an amazing one-handed catch.

Maniac Magee proceeds to enter the horrifying Finsterwald's backyard to save a helpless boy named Arnold Jones. Everyone was scared of the Finsterwald's backyard except for Maniac, who bravely jumped over the fence and rescued Arnold. Maniac also hits a legendary frogball home run off John McNab during a baseball game. Maniac also earns the status of a legend for untying the massive Cobble's Knot, which is an impressive feat that earns him free pizza for life. Maniac is also one of the few white people to...

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