What evidence did Goodman Cruff bring forth at the hearing?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The evidence that Goodman Cruff produces at the trial is a copy book.  It is the book that Kit has been using to teach Prudence to write with and in.  The evidence in the book is that Prudence's name is written over and over in it.  Kit lies and says that she wrote the name over and over again.  Kit does not want Prudence to get in trouble or even accused of witchcraft herself.  The repetition of the name indicates to the people that Kit surely must be a witch and the book indicates a spell attempt or some kind of incantation.  Nat enters the courtroom and brings Prudence with him.  Prudence admits that she did indeed write her own name in the book, because Kit was teaching her to write and read.  

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