What evidence is there in The Kite Runner so far that Amir is very loyal to his father, almost in awe of him?

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In the novel The Kite Runner Amir is always trying to seek his father's approval.  His father is the only family member that he seems to be around and their relationship is a significant part of the story line.  The need to please and gain his father's approval is central to demonstrate Amir Respect and awe of his father.  Amir competes against Hassan for the approval of his father.  When his father waves during a kite flying event, he is unsure if the wave was meant for him or Hassan.  Amir often quotes the things his father has taught him throughout the novel indicating that he respects and looks up to the things that his father has taught him.  He believes his father without question demonstrating loyalty to his father's words.


"A man who takes what is not his not his to take, be it life or a loaf of naan..."(18.)


Baba is a larger than life character to Amir.  He is well liked and known in his town for his good deeds.  He exhibits courage, which often scares and embarrasses the shyer Amir, but i is still a quality that endears Amir to his father.

Amir had decided he would get a job to help his father out in America, but his father would not hear of it and told him he would go to college which is what Amir really wanted to do.  Amir was loyal to his father because he was willing to give up his own dreams to help him.  (page 131)


Aftr Baba grew sick from cancer, Amir had him stay with him and his wife.  They cared for him until he died showing honor, loyalty, and respect for his father.


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