What is everyones new years resloution? Mines: 1) To speak arabic fluently 2) To find a girlfriend that likes me for who I am(truthful at best) 3) To get a job (a small job like working at a...

What is everyones new years resloution?


1) To speak arabic fluently

2) To find a girlfriend that likes me for who I am(truthful at best)

3) To get a job (a small job like working at a library, grocery store, restraunt etc.

4) to find the holy grail(just sounds something i would do)

5) To be able to sing in public

well I have many, but I wonder what everyone elses is.......shokran jazeelan (thank you so much):arabic.

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lmetcalf | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Senior Educator

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My resolutions all center around how to best use my time. I am a procrastinator, so I rush to do many things and don't do them well. I put things off until they become a huge burden. I waste small amounts of time and then wonder where my time went. My goal is to be more "present" in my use of time -- asking myself what I SHOULD be or COULD be doing instead of standing around looking at my stacks of essays to grade or my Wordswithfriends screen on my phone.

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coachingcorner | High School Teacher | (Level 1) Senior Educator

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Mine is to read the literature I have downloaded to my iphone at last! I have two ibooks ready to read (Villette by Charlotte Bronte and The Letters of Pliny) - I had great aspirations to read them quickly but they have been there for three months now! I also intend to take my iphone usage firmly in hand as the bills have suddenly shot up due to data usage.

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My New Year's resolution (while I typically do not make them) is to take better care of myself physically. I also want to get a better control on the financial end of my life. Outside of that, I simply want to live everyday showing the ones around me how much I love them. Every day is a gift and I want to take advantage of that gift each and every day.

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My resolution is to do everything in my life better than last year. I think the key to successful New Year's resolutions is to make them reachable. I have big goals too, such as getting a handle on ongoing health issues. However I think even those can be reached by just trying to do things a little bitter better than last year.
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Eat less. Exercise more. Only joking. I think for me my New Year's Resolution involves a combination of personal and professional goals. I have just returned to this country after working abroad for some years, and as a result, I want to spend this year updating my skills in teaching but also in technology.

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I don't really have one, except perhaps to continue to broaden my knowlege by participating in eNotes, which gives me a good incentive to read texts I might not otherwise read and think about issues I might not otherwise consider.

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My New Year's resolutions are to lose a few more pounds and to save up enough money for a return trip to Europe (I haven't been in six years after many years of twice-annual trips).

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I am planning to be a History teacher or an arabic translator i can read and write in arabic, but I can't make a conversation out of thin air. I have loved basically world History and Ancient History, but I have always admired the History we make in our present day. Most humans in this world don't realize we are part of History and when where gone our lives might be forgotten by the world, but for some our names will live on eternity. Every year is precious to our liking, yet stress that is compiled in life can be stopped by seeing the calmness of reality. This is why it is hard to follow your right path towards your beliefs. We must find our goal in life and make it so that we are forever etched in History. To become beloved in the world you must become loved first. Thanks For Reading my real name is Randolph Pierce Boyer. Ana Ahbu al-ezrak (I love the world)  read my glogs on glogster.com/Randolph123 or follow me on twitter @ Samjazael123 which means Angel of War in Coptic/masri arabic