What would happen if everyone let Frank alone in Montana 1948 by Larry Watson?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If no one interfered with Frank, he would continue taking advantage of his position as doctor to take advantage of women.

Frank Hayden is the doctor in Bentrock, Montana and the uncle of the protagonist, David.  When David’s Native American housekeeper Marie gets sick and she does not want any medical attention, they suspect something might be wrong.  David’s mother realizes that Frank has used his position as a doctor to take advantage of local Native American women, because they will not complain.

“I don’t go to him,” said Marie. “I go to Dr. Snow.” (p. 19)

Frank eventually kills Marie to cover up what he has done, pretending it is pneumonia.  He would likely continue to prey on women and even kill others and cover it up if David’s father hadn’t had him arrested, even though it meant arresting his own brother.  Frank is released and commits suicide.

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