What is Everyman's dilemma -- who will stand with you?This is the question on my study guide, and I don't really know what it meant..also, can you please give an answer? Thanks much :)

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the main themes of the play is the attitude of Everyman towards his fellow man and the way he has lived his life.  When he is called to face judgment after being called by death, he realizes that he has alienated everyone in his life and that no one will stand with him to be a witness for him at the judgment.  This dilemma, the fact that no one will stand with him, is what helps to bring out the theme of the play.

Once he realizes that no one will stand with him and that only his deeds will speak for him, he understands how valuable it would have been for someone to be there with him and to help him face this terrible moment and to perhaps make up for some of his misdeeds with the caring and kind actions he showed towards others.