What are the everyday uses of magnesium?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Magnesium is used for a number of application, most common being, its use in incendiaries and as switch in thermites. It ignites easily in air and generates bright light, and hence is used in fireworks, sparklers, etc. Magnesium has two third the density of aluminium and is very easy to form alloys. Two commonly used alloys are duralumin and mangalumin. It is also very to work with and can be easily cast, welded, machined, etc. It is used in making light-weight components in automobile industry (car seats) and aviation industry (jet-engine parts, luggage frame, rockets, missiles, etc.). It is also used in laptops, cameras, etc. Magnesium oxide is used for making fire-resistant bricks for fireplaces. It can also be used for preventing corrosion of iron and steel in pipes and ships.

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vnessawong21 | Student

Since Magnesium was discovered in 1808 people have been using it in many ways. Magnesium is one of the most important metals commercially. One of the most common uses of magnesium is to produce white light. When Magnesium is burned it produces white light making it ideal for sparklers, flares and light bulbs. Magnesium ions are also necessary for every living organisms. This is why magnesium salt is often included in food and is also used in many types of fertilizers. Magnesium bromide also has sedating properties. Because of this property Magnesium is often a crucial element in sedating compounds. Another common use is in automobile parts. Magnesium has a great weight to strength ratio allowing it to create many optimal car parts. Magnesium is an extremely useful and common metal that can be found in many aspects of everyday life, from the food you eat to the car you drive. 

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