What are the everyday uses of Hydrogen?

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Hydrogen is found in massive quantities all over the universe. It is found in many places right here on Earth. So, it should come as no surprise that it is used in so many of the products that we use today.One of the more common uses of Hydrogen is gasoline. It has been found that hydrogen is safer to use than diesel or gasoline. Hydrogen is used to make rocket fuel for our space program and the oil that heats our homes.

Hydrogen can even be found in products that we use every day! Cosmetics companies use hydrogen in many of their products. Hydrogen contains bleaching agents that help fade age spots or freckles. If your mother or older sister has ever gone from a brunette to a blond, it is possible that the product she used contained hydrogen. Hydrogen can be used to make fertilizer, ammonia, and cooking oils.

Just about everyone has used Hydrogen Peroxide as a disenfectant when they have gotten a cut or scrape. But, did you know that it has uses outside of first aid? For example, you can use it along with baking soda to whiten your teeth. Combine it with water to clean your windows, or with sugar for an all- natural insecticide.

Hydrogen burns cleaner and is safer for the environment. Many environmentalist groups are pushing for the use of hydrogen as an alternative energy source.

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