In what everyday life situations would you have to calculate or use distance and displacement?

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There are numerous situations in our daily life that require the measurement or calculation of distance or displacement. As a student, we travel to our school or college daily and as professional, we travel to our offices everyday. For the travel, we calculate the distance and then travel. A knowledge of this distance gives us an idea of average time of travel and we time our departure from home. I just had mirrors installed in my home and had to calculate the distance between nail supports for proper installation. Whenever we have to carry anything heavy, we estimate the distance we had to travel and then decide if we can carry the load or how many stops we have to make in between. Even chopping vegetables requires distance estimation between two successive cutting positions, to get a specific vegetable size. We also have to estimate the distance between our location and that of nearest power socket for charging our laptops or cellphones. There are numerous other examples.

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