What is every event that happens to Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe?

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At eighteen, Okonkwo became the champion wrestler. He threw Amalinze the Cat in a wrestling match and won. Amalinze had been champion for seven years.

Okonkwo grew up being ashamed of his father Unoka. Unoka was a failure. He owed everyone money. He sat around all day playing his flute and drinking palm wine. He did not work. Okonkwo grew up hearing others call his father "womanish." He could not bear the shame. He swore to be nothing like his father. In fact, he was driven by a fear of being weak like his father. He vowed he would be strong, win titles, and create wealth by working hard.

Okonkwo accomplished everything he set out to accomplish. He acquired two titles. He became a fierce warrior. He also became wealthy by producing yams. In addition to his hard work, he married three wives who bore many children for Okonkwo:

Okonkwo is introduced as a great wrestler, a renowned warrior, and a hardworking member of the community. He has amassed two barns filled with yams, three wives, many children, and two titles.

One thing that Okonkwo had not conquered was his anger. He often beat his wives and children, especially during religious celebrations, most notably due to his not being able to work hard as he is used to doing. He angers the gods because of his temper. He accidentally shoots a sixteen-year-old boy when his gun fires during a funeral. Okonkwo is banned from his village:

Okonkwo has committed a female crime because the murder is an accident. Nevertheless, he is forced to flee from the clan. He may return after seven years. Okonkwo collects his belongings, and his wives and children weep bitterly.

After seven years passes, Okonkwo returns home. He is shocked by some of the changes. The white man and his religion has become a major part of the village. Okonkwo resents the fact that government and order as he knew it has changed. Okonkwo desires to fight the white man and his new religion and government. The clan will not support Okonkwo in his desire to go to war, so Okonkwo hangs himself and dies without a honorable burial.

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some of it is not true


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