What events take place in "The Merchant of Venice" Act 2, Scene 2?

Expert Answers
robertwilliam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's not a major scene in the play to be honest.

The scene opens with the introduction of "Launcelot Gobbo", Shylock's servant, and one of the play's few comic characters, debating whether to stay working for Shylock or not. At the moment he decides to leave, his dad, Old Gobbo, turns up with a "present" for Shylock.

His father doesn't immediately recognise him, and Launcelot plays a few games with him, before revealing his real identity. And he also gets his father to give his "present" to Bassanio, hoping that Bassanio might allow Launcelot to work for him as a servant when he leaves Shylock. Bassanio agrees immediately.

Bassanio then sends Launcelot to go to his home, and get things ready: as Antonio is coming for dinner. Gratiano enters, and asks if he may accompany Bassanio to Belmont. And again, Bassanio agrees, but asks Gratiano not to joke around too much.