What are the events of rising action in the short story "The Chaser"?

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In every story, the rising action includes the events that take place in between the inciting incident and the climax. In this short story, it is important to understand what the inciting incident and the climax are in order to identify events in the rising action.

The inciting incident occurs when Alan learns of the most dramatic drug or potion that the Old Man sells, the spot-remover. The Old Man goes to great length to explain this potion before ever explaining the love potion Alan goes to his place for in the first place.

Rising action events:

  • Alan learns of the $5000 potion's abilities... particularly the imperceptibility in a drink or autopsy.
  • Alan learns the price of the love potion
  • Alan and the Old Man discuss the effectiveness of the love potion.
  • Alan learns the love potion is more effective than he bargained for: his girl will dramatically fall in love with him and be more than jealous of his time.

The climax occurs when Alan decides to buy the love potion. This is a turning point because the Old Man really touted the other drug or potion. It also positions readers to imagine what it going to now happen for Alan.


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