What events occur on Ismarus in Part One of The Odyssey?

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mando002 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ismarus is another name for the Cicones’ stronghold. This is the first stop for Odysseus’ men after leaving Troy. Still on the battle-high of sacking Troy, Odysseus and his men decide to also sack the Cicones’ stronghold.

Event 1: Odysseus and his men act piratical by sacking the city, killing the men, and sharing the women and plunder. After this pillaging, Odysseus suggests to his men that they should cut and run with their spoils. His men choose to stay and drink wine and slaughter sheep and cattle on the beach.

Event 2: Some of the Cicones flee the city and go inland to get reinforcements.

Event 3: The next morning the Cicones show up with their reinforcements. Another battle commences and lasts all day, ending with Odysseus and his men fleeing on their ships. Out of each ship, six men have been killed. Since Odysseus left Troy with twelve ships, he lost 72 men in this battle.   

 This is all according to the Robert Fagles version.