The Alchemist Questions and Answers
by Paulo Coelho

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What events in Coelho's The Alchemist affect Santiago and shape his view of life?

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Just about every event in The Alchemist has the effect of shaping Santiago's outlook on life. This is a story all about changing how one sees their relationship with the world, and therefore, it is full of moments with a profound impact on our protagonist.

First of all, Santiago's dream and the gypsy's interpretation teach him that dreams can be acted upon if one deliberately sets out to do so. When he meets the King of Salem, he learns about Personal Legends and that pursuing them brings one closer to the Soul of the World.

His view is also shaped by his journey across the desert in the Caravan. This shows him that just as someone could not survive a crossing of the desert alone, everyone needs to rely on others for survival and progress. There is no shame or weakness in this. Rather, depending on each other is a fact of life. However, just as everyone in the Caravan has their own reason for their journey, we can all still strive towards our own Personal Legends, even with the help of...

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