What events in Nelson Mandela's life may have contributed to him becoming the man he is today? I have searched on many sites trying to find the answer to this question and can't find a very well detailed answer, to help me with the essay I need to do. Any sites you could direct me to that might help or a detailed answer would be greatly appreciated! :) Thank you very much for taking the time to read and answer:) Have a wonderful day!

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Of course the first part of the answer would simply be his birth in South Africa and particularly his birth to black family.  It is important to note that while he was born in a small village, he was part of a powerful family in that area and so was exposed to politics and power structures from an early age.

Nelson was also able to attend school and eventually get several degrees both while attending school and through correspondence courses which played a great role in him being thought of as a learned and educated man, very important later in his career.

One of the most important events later in his life was his long imprisonment and the powerful influence that had on him both while in jail and trying to maintain his struggles against apartheid and upon his release.

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