What events influenced 1960s fashion?I am doing a project for my fashion class and I need to know events that affected fashion in the 1960's in America, and what they were.

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The 1960s was a decade of great change in America, and this was mirrored in changing fashion. Consumerism was on the rise in the decades after WWII and everyone was moving towards very modern looks. Disposable goods were being manufactured more, and materials like polyester and plastics began making their way into fashion. With cheaper materials, people could buy more, and take more chances with things like fashion. With the leaps and bounds in technology that were taking place, things like no-iron polyester clothing were very popular and convenient. Many women were influenced by Jackie Kennedy's simplified and classy style, and in the mid sixties a mod style from London hit the US. The mod style was less conservative and was designed for the younger generation, with miniskirts and bright colors. Wild patterns became popular for both men and women, as fashion became more freeing. Women, with their rise in social status in the 60's, were also more free in their fashion. The hippie movement, with an anti-materialism stance and rejection of events like the Vietnam war, started an "anti-fashion" movement of earthier clothes and the introduction of clothing from non-western cultures, rejecting the mainstream society and all that it stood for.

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I am not familiar with conditions of America specifically that influenced its fashion in 1960's. However during that period there were many developments around the globe that affected fashion in many different countries in a similar way. I am listing below some of these developments.

  1. There was high degree of intercultural exposure influencing the tastes and preferences of people. This on one hand introduced wider variety in fashion within a society. On the other hand it tended to bring uniformity of across cultures. In particular, western style of dressing and casual dressing became more common.
  2. Development and adoption of new types of material and fabric for clothing.
  3. Reduction in use of certain type of fabrics and material such as animal skins and furs.
  4. Growing prosperity levels leading to much increased expenditure on fashion goods and higher consciousness about fashion.
  5. High pressure marketing of fashion goods by big companies.
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i am looking for info on the 1960s fashion for a speech i have to do, i need to find out how it may have influenced people in the past, the current effect it has on people and how the clothes changed from 1960 to 1969...

plz help

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 also can you please help me find: inpact on fashion and era (the 60's)


Here is a little information I found on a great website that I believe will help you.  The website is referenced below.  I have looked through it and there is a lot of great information related to your topic.


1960 began a decade which may well be recorded as one of the most fashion-conscious periods in recent history, challenging the 1890s and the 1920s. Even the American Presidential election campaigns made fashion an issue, when the wives of the two Presidential candidates became the storm center of a headlined controversy over the source and cost of their respective wardrobes, their taste in clothes, and their comparative rating among the international "best dressed."

Here is the website: http://www.paperpast.com/html/1960_fashion.html

Thanks, bizzzye.

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hi im doing an assignment reseach and i cannot find anything about what im looking for i searched for four days please help me its due soon.ok

the question is: histoical,cultural and conemporary influences and sorces of insipration for the 60's fashion

please and thankyoux