Buried Onions Questions and Answers
by Gary Soto

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What events in chapter 4 of Buried Onions foreshadow that something tragic will soon happen?

One event in chapter 4 that foreshadows future tragic events is Norma telling Eddie that Angel stabbed Jesús. This discussion of the earlier stabbing foreshadows the stabbing of José later in the chapter. In addition, Eddie’s learning that Angel was probably responsible foreshadows his pursuit of Angel, which leads to the fight the two of them have at the hospital.

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Early in chapter 4 of Buried Onions, Norma and Eddie have a conversation about the stabbing of Jesús. She tells Eddie that everyone in their community believes that Angel stabbed Jesús over a dispute about a crime they committed together. This conversation foreshadow two future tragic events. Their discussion of the previous stabbing foreshadows another stabbing that will occur later in chapter 4: the three boys stabbing of Eddie’s visiting friend, Jose.

This conversation also foreshadows the fight between Eddie and Angel that occurs in the hospital (chapter 8). When Eddie learns that Angel was most likely responsible for stabbing Jesús, that information sets in motion his pursuit of the other boy to exact revenge. Eddie’s pursuit of Angel has several components. His visit to Angel’s home ends without serious harm, despite Samuel’s attack, but Eddie continues to believe he must be responsible for exacting revenge.

Although his running into Angel at the hospital is not planned, Eddie takes advantage of this coincidence to initiate a fight. After the two of them fall down the stairs, the guards’ presence somewhat lessens the effects, but Eddie suffers serious injury. Later, while contemplating his wounds, he wonders if he might actually be dead.

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