What were some events that created conflict?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think one conflict centers on the fact that Ester and Max only want to adopt Bo instead of adopting both Bo and his brother, Prosper. That's a problem for the pair, because they obviously want to stay together. They decide to run away in order to be together. 

I think another event that caused conflict is Victor discovering that Scipio is not an orphan like he claims to be.  Scipio calls himself the Thief Lord and acts as the leader and caregiver of his little orphan thief group.  When Victor tells the group that Scipio is actually a very wealthy individual, it causes some tension.  

The last "event" that causes conflict isn't really a single event.  The magic merry-go-round that changes people's ages creates quite a bit of conflict.  Scipio uses it to become older, Barbossa becomes younger, etc.  The age change thing adds a little fun to the conflict it creates, but the real problem with the carousel occurs when Barbossa breaks it.  That makes all of the new age changes permanent.  Whoops.