What events and characters contribute to Winston's final self-betrayal? Provide examples that show this from the novel.

Expert Answers

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O'Brien, Julia, and rats play a part in Winston's final self-betrayal.  O'Brien has done everything to break Winston and brainwash him, but Winston still clings to his love for Julia.  O'Brien then sends Winston to Room 101.  Room 101 is where Big Brother uses peoples biggest fears to break them down.  O-Brien approaches Winston with a cage full of rats (Winston is terrified of rats) and says he is going to attach the cage to Winston's face and open the trap door to let them out.  He describes for Winston how they will attack and eat is face.  In terror, Winston screams out "No, take Julia!"  Because of his fear, he gives her up.  Once that is done, Big Brother has completely broken him.

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