What events result from Kino's having killed a man in The Pearl? The Pearl by John Steinbeck

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After Kino has killed a man who tried to steal the pearl, Juana spots the pearl on the path behind a rock where she also discovers her husband lying beside a man "with dark shiny fuid leaking from his throat."

All of the time Juana had been trying to rescue somehting of the old peace, of the time before the pearl.  But now it was gone, and there was no retrieving it....There was nothing to do but to save themselves.

  • When Juana talks with Kino, she convinces him that no one will believe him if he explains why he killed the man because the men of the city will treat him as a peon. So, he tells her to bring all their corn and he will get the canoe.
  • But, a great hole has been knocked in his canoe so that he can go nowhere on the water. "He was an animal now...and he lived only to preserve himself and his family."
  • Kino hurries back only to find his house on fire.
  • They flee to his brothe's house; he and his wife Apolonia have believed they were burned. But, Kino explains what has happened.
  • All day, a day in which the wind rises, Tomas tells his neighbors, "Kino is gone.  If he went to the sea, he is drowned by now."  But, each time Tomas returns, he has something borrowed.  Once he brings a big knife, and Kino's eyes light up.
  • Kino's family leave Tomas's house in the night. They thread their way around the edge of the city to the north.
  • Kino and Juana and the baby hear the music of evil "And the evils of the night were about them."
  • During the day, they take a short rest, but he discovers the three trackers who follow them.  He tries to sweep away their tracks as much as possible. Kino considers letting the trackers have him, but Juana convinces him that they will kill them all.
  • Kino suggests that they can lose the...

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