What events cause the monster in Frankenstein to change his attitude regarding the world around him?

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The monster initially has a human heart, even though he’s a man-made creature. He desires to be loved, to have friends and family, and to live like an ordinary person. When all his efforts in pursuit of love and friendship are repaid with disgust and attack from people he meets, he gradually changes his attitude toward the world. He hates the person who created him and left him in misery, so he decides to take revenge.

To be specific, the following events play an important role in his change in attitude from hope to hatred:

1. When he first leaves the laboratory and goes out by himself, he meets an old man. The old man sees him and runs away. The monster is not annoyed because he does not know what’s going on.

2. Then he arrives at a village. The people there attack him and want to kill him. The monster then realizes that he’s not welcome, so he decides to avoid being seen by others. However, at this point, he still cherishes the hope of being accepted by some people, despite his...

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