What events after the American Revolution lead to a new sense of nationalism?  

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To respond to the person who wanted a follow up with more information about nationalism and how those actions reflect nationalism, I will explain below.

Nationalism refers to the pride people have in their country. When a country is willing to go to war to protect the ideals in which it believes that is a reflection of the people having pride in their country. They are willing to fight for their ideals and beliefs.

When a country protects its industries by taxing imports, it shows that the country is willing to take the risks involved in using protective tariffs to protect its industries. It shows that the people of that country understand how important it is to have their own industries operating and being successful. It shows a belief in their own industries. The growing strength of the federal government also reflects a pride and belief in the power and actions of that government.

The United States was doing all of these things. This reflected a growing sense of nationalism in our country.

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There were several events after the American Revolution that led to a new sense of nationalism in our country. One of these events was how we responded to the countries in North Africa that were associated with pirates that demanded tribute from our ships to sail the seas. The United States refused to pay this tribute and after some fighting, these countries backed off of their demands. We also refused to pay a bribe to France when we wanted to meet with them about the French seizure of our ships. Americans were ready to pay millions of dollars to prepare for war with France, but we refused to pay a bribe just to talk with them. These foreign policy issues and their successful resolution show the new spirit of nationalism that was developing.

The United States also did some things domestically that reflected a new sense of nationalism. We developed the American System where we placed protective tariffs on foreign products to protect our industries. We developed a national bank so the government, the people, and our businesses would have a place to keep their money or to get loans. We saw the power of the federal government increase as a result of Supreme Court decisions such as McCulloch v Maryland and Gibbons v Ogden. We developed a plan to pay our debt, and we built a new capital city in Washington, D.C. We also increased the size of our country by making the Louisiana Purchase. We then began to explore the new lands we received.

After the American Revolution, a new sense of nationalism developed in many ways in our country.

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