What event takes place in the second entry of Anne Frank’s diary? How does this event affect Anne’s family?

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According to the Bantam Books 1993 edition of Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl, the second diary entry was written on Monday, June 15, 1942. In this entry, Anne discusses her birthday party that had happened on the previous Sunday. She discusses which of her friends came over, including "lots of girls and boys." According to Anne, her mother is always asking her "whom [she's] going to marry," which shows an intimacy with her mother that we do not consistently see throughout the play. As with many growing girls, Anne often wrestles to get along with her mother as she becomes a teenager.

Additionally, Anne discusses who her friends are at school. She shares how she was previously best friends with "Lies Goosens and Sanne Houtman," but how she has recently gotten close with "Jopie de Waal" from her Jewish Secondary School. It's noticeable that already Jewish children are attending segregated schools, showing the steady progression of anti-Semitic thought and action under Nazi rule in the Netherlands.

This entry could be considered important to Anne's family, because it shows the community that Anne (and her family) had established. This was the beautiful community that Anne, her sister, her parents, and some of their friends had to abandon to go into hiding. Each of the characters had close friends from their school and work worlds that they had to leave behind. In fact, the fact that Anne's family was going into hiding was the only known secret that Anne kept from Jopie in the course of their friendship; according to an interview with Jopie from 2015, Anne and Jopie shared everything while in school. This entry shows how normal Anne's life was at the start of the diary. She went to school, made friends, had birthday parties, and received gifts. It shows how many drastic sacrifices had to be made by Anne and her family when they went into hiding to try to protect their lives.

Additionally, through her birthday celebrations, Anne received the diary that she wrote in for the entirety of her time in the secret annex. In the first entry of the diary, she explains how "the first to greet me was you [the diary], possibly the nicest of all" (Sunday, June 14, 1942). This diary was one of the precious belongings that Anne carried with her into the annex. It is what allowed her to keep a detailed history of her experiences and thoughts while in the annex, allowing modern readers to know of the conditions and the emotional and physical trials that each character faced during this season. 

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