What event mars the joy of Bassanio's wedding?

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In act 3, scene 2, Bassanio cleverly focuses on the material of the caskets and chooses the casket that is made out of lead. Fortunately, Bassanio chooses correctly, and there is a portrait of Portia inside the lead casket. Bassanio immediately kisses Portia, and she gives him a valuable ring as a token of her love. While Bassanio and Portia are celebrating, Gratiano and Nerissa reveal their marriage plans, and everyone is overjoyed. However, Salerio arrives from Venice and delivers a letter from Antonio to Bassanio. After reading the letter, Bassanio reveals to Portia that he borrowed money from Antonio and all of Antonio's merchant ships have been destroyed. Salerio then informs Bassanio that Shylock refuses to have mercy on Antonio and demands that he receive his bond, which is a pound of Antonio's flesh. The terrible news regarding Antonio's missing merchant ships and Shylock's malevolence ruin the joyful moment.

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