A Prayer for the Dying Questions and Answers
by Stewart O’Nan

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What event in A Prayer for the Dying has the most impact on the plot and the character Jacob Hansen?

An orderly, peaceful, rural town is disrupted when a local farmer uncovers a dead soldier next to his campfire. The mystery is later solved, but finding out the cause of his death is only the beginning of the disintegration of Jacob's calm mental state. The diphtheria and other tragedies in the town (such as a big fire) shake up Jacob's emotions and make him feel desperate and afraid.

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A Prayer for the Dying was written by Stewart O’Nan . He captures readers' attention in his dark plot twist. The setting of a peaceful, rural town becomes tainted when a local farmer discovers a dead soldier next to his campfire. Jacob Hansen, a veteran of the Civil War, compares the soldier to himself and what could have happened to him. Jacob considers himself lucky. The people of the town later realize that the soldier died from diphtheria. This creates widespread panic in the town, as many people are forced to suddenly figure out a way to contain the spread or else face sickness, death, and...

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