What event did Lily tell about in chapter one?  

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Jonas and Lily's family has a tradition that every night after dinner they share their feelings about the day.  In Chapter 1, Jonas allows Lily (his 7 year old sister) the opportunity to tell about her feelings first.  In her story, she explains to her family that she feels angry.  A boy from another community ignore the rules and did not follow the rules for the slide.  This disregard for the rules makes her mad.

"I felt very angry this afternoon," she announced. "My childcare group was at the play area, and we had a visiting group of Sevens, and the didn't obey the rules at all.  One of them- a male; I didn't know his name- kept going right to the front of the line for the slide, even though the rest of us were all waiting.  I felt so angry at him. I made my fists like this."

Her parents explain calmly to her that she shouldn't be mad at the boy.  Instead, she should fill pity for him.  They explain that since he's from another community he probably didn't know the rules and so he was probably feeling stupid.

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