What event is the climax "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County"?  

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I'd say the main climax in the narrative is in this paragraph:

“Now, if you're ready, set him alongside of Dan'l, with his fore-paws just even with Dan'l, and I'll give the word.” Then he says, “One, two, three, jump!” and him and the feller touched up the frogs from behind, and the new frog hopped off, but Dan'l give a heave, and hysted up his shoulders so like a Frenchman, but it warn't no use he couldn't budge; he was planted as solid as an anvil, and he couldn't no more stir than if he was anchored out. Smiley was a good deal surprised, and he was disgusted too, but he didn't have no idea what the matter was, of course.

Here, the two frogs are about to have their little competition, and the two betting men are about to see who gets to claim the...

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