What event at the beginning of chapter 15 foreshadows the end of the chapter

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The men of Maycomb visit Atticus at his home and decided there should be a change of venue.  Heck Tate and a group of men visit Atticus and Heck tells him that,

"....movin' him to the county jail tomorrow....I don't look for any trouble, but I can't guarantee there won't be any...." (pg 145)

Atticus argues against the idea. Heck tells him that he is worried about the Old Sarun bunch. He is unsure that he can keep Tom Robinson safe.  Atticus asks Heck,

"...you're not scared of that crowd, are you?" (pg 145)

During the conversation, the men move closer to Atticus.  Jem gets upset, feeling that they are threatening Atticus. He suddenly yells to Atticus that the telephone is ringing.  All the men jump when Jem yells and back off.  Jem was afraid that what he was seeing was gang behavior, and he was worried for Atticus's safety.

Later in the chapter, a gang does confront Atticus at the jail.  Heck is not there to defend him, having been detoured by the men on another problem.   Atticus is just as calm as he was on the front porch.  However, this time it is Scout who calms the men down.  Both times the children have backed the crowd away from Atticus, both times they have come to express their feelings about a black man being tried for rape in Maycomb.



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