What evaluation tools can I use as the students guide to make a book review with the theme moral good behavior

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems to me that with a book like this one, the best approach as an evaluation took about behavior would be in a reflective form.  To get students to reflect about characters' actions in the book and how they would be similar or act differently is critical.  Dahl writes the book to be one where kids interact with the text, so it is a natural extension for them to comment on how characters are in the book and how these individuals' actions represent "good behavior" or something that can be expanded.  A journal entry prompt about how students find themselves similar or different to the characters would be an effective way to generate reflection.  Another form of this would be to have students divide a sheet of paper into two columns.  The first column is entitled "Things I know about how ________ behaves in the book."  The second column is entitled "How I feel about how this behavior."  Essentially, students activate both their cognitive and affective understandings simultaneously.  When engaging in behavior based reflection activities, it seems to me that it is essential for students to draw comparisons between characters in books and how they perceive these characters' actions in terms of representing good behavior.

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