Discuss the different approaches to language programme evaluation.

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According to the US Office of Civil Rights (OCR), federal law neither defines nor prescribes a specific model of evaluation for ELL programs. For this reason, each district will have its own approach in place. Among these approaches, the following factors must be taken into consideration to determine whether the program is meeting the original goals that it aimed to accomplish. Also, these factor may aid to provide a qualitative or quantitative measure as to the actual rate of success of the program implementation:

a) Data: The first thing to ask is how the ELL program is collecting the data showing student progress, strengths, and/or weaknesses. Without data there is no point of having any educational program in place because there has to be a starting and ending point to every basic lesson. How would the ELL teacher know where to start or when to cease instruction if nobody knows what the student knows or what the student has learned?

b) Scope: Does the program correctly identifies the...

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