what is ethical theory implied by legislation requiring the Ten Commandments be posted in public schools. is it Consequentialism , Utilitarianism, nonConsequentialism, ethical egoism?

mrshdodsoncoyote | Student

It could be a consequntialism action in that it would be valued according to its consequences. 

It could also be a utilitarianism action because it would be an action that relies on moral conduct to respond to the doctrine.

It would be hard to label it is as nonConsequentialism because upon reading the commandments, it would more than likely triggor a reaction. The reaction, positive or negative, would therefore be the consequence.

It would be an individual ethical egoism in that the enforcer would base  the reaction on how he/she would react. But for it to be a universal ethical egoism, it would be based on the thought that all persons reading the doctrine should pursue their own interests.