What are the ethical, societal and global issues involved in the debate of government provided universal healthcare? 

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many issues that come up in the debate over government-provided health care in the United States.

The main ethical issue has to do with the ethics of having some people lack access to health care in a very rich country.  This issue tends to be raised by liberals.  They argue that it is fundamentally wrong to allow some people to go without health care in a society where we can spend money on wars or where we have people who are so rich that they can engage in conspicuous and wasteful consumption.

Conservatives, however, would say that there is a major issue that can be seen as ethical or societal.  They would argue that it is wrong for the government to be the one providing the care.  They would argue that this puts us on the path to socialism and, thus, that it tends to take away our liberties.

A third issue can be seen as societal and global.  This is the practical issue of what is most efficient and most likely to allow American companies to compete in a global environment.  The question here is whether it really is efficient for the government to provide the health care.  This puts aside issues of ethics and asks about practicalities.