What ethical problems does this easy access to information cause in the area of academic honesty?Has to do with plagiarism.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do not know for sure which information you are talking about.  The information in the group this question is in cannot really be plagiarized -- it is just general information about essay writing.

If you are talking about all the stuff that is available on the Internet (possibly including eNotes) I would answer like this:

I do not think the ethical implications are any different than those that arose prior to the internet.  It was always possible to copy from books and it was always possible to use your friend's essay or your older sibling's essay or some other such means of cheating.

For sure, the internet makes it easier to find these things.  But this does not change the nature of the ethical dilemma.  Instead, it just makes the dilemma come up more often.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume you are talking about the internet and the wealth of information that can easily and quickly be copied and pasted into any typed essay.  As a high school teacher, I can tell you this kind of cheating is epidemic.

The ethical issue for the students is that it makes it much more tempting to cheat, and since it is so widespread and socially acceptable in the students' world, they are more likely not to see it as wrong.

For the teacher, the ethical issues stem from, as a professional, how to design assignments and projects that remove some of this temptation without it becoming a full blown FBI probe every time you want kids to turn something in.  Ethically, this creates a student-teacher environment that is not very conducive to learning either.

sweetga1 | Student

what ethical problems does this easy access to information cause in the academic honesty?