What is essentialism?I just want to know what is the use of this theory in the education process.

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Essentialism is "the view that, for any specific kind of entity, there is a set of characteristics or properties all of which any entity of that kind must possess." In other words, the theory of essentialism holds that any given set of objects has distinct common characteristics, held by all members of that set and different from characteristics shared by objects in other sets.

In terms of the educational process, psychological essentialism holds that there are certain common characteristics that identify ways in which people can learn and process information. Obviously, if this theory is true, educators should become aware of the common patterns that mark the ways in which students of a certain age acquire and process knowledge and should construct learning activities that reflect these characteristics.

harini11 | Student

The purpose is very simple that people should be aware and give priority to high needs.