What are the essential features of Gilligan's ethics of care?

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This is a great question. Several points are in order. 

First, Carol Gilligan was born November 28, 1936 and is a psychologist, ethicist, and feminist. She was one of the founders of what is called ethics of care. This was different than the ethics of her time, because most ethics dealt with universal norms. 

Second, what Gilligan choose to emphasize was the importance of relationships. In particular, Gilligan noted that all people were in relationships to some degree. And some of these people were in unequal relationships. In other words, some people in society are more vulnerable than others. Hence, more attention must be given to those that are vulnerable. 

Third, Gilligan also noted that there is a context to all things. Therefore, when it comes to ethics the context must be taken into consideration to ensure that a proper decisions are made. 

Fourth, Gilligan also worked on the differences between men and women and how they view ethics and the world. 

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