What are the essential elements of an international marketing plan that distinguish it from a domestic marketing plan?

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When you are marketing to an international audience, there are several points that you need to keep in mind. In fact, advertising to an international market has some unique challenges. Let me name a few.

First, you need to realize that each society is different in its own emotional and common sense sensibilities. So, what is humorous or sad in one culture may not be in another. Hence, it is important to hire some consultants to help you with how each culture will view your marking plan. For example, sexuality in the West might sell, but it would be offensive in the Middle East.

Second, you need to be very careful about religion and religious ideas. Some cultures can get very offended at the lack of respect towards the divine. This is becoming more important in our polarized world. Believe it or not many countries are getting more religious and other are becoming less so.

Third, it should go without saying that there will be the obvious need to translate things to the intended audience's lanugage.

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