What especially does Mrs. Keller ask Anne to do during the two weeks at the garden house?William Gibson's The Miracle Worker

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act Two of The Miracle Worker, after requesting that she be allowed to teach Helen without interference for two weeks at the garden house, the indulgent, but tender mother, Kate Keller, who wants to hug Helen is deterred by Annie firm hand. "In two weeks," Annie reminds Mrs. Keller.  Dismayed, Kate implores,

"Miss Annie, I--Please be good to her.  These two weeks, try to be very good to her--"

With understanding, Anne Sullivan promises that she will. When the Kellers depart, Helen goes into a rampage, throwing things; however, Annie gets her attention by spelling words into her hands, an act that arouses Helen's curiosity but as yet it does not make any connection for her.

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