A Brighter Sun Questions and Answers
by Samuel Selvon

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What era is A Brighter Sun depicting?

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A Brighter Sun is a 1952 fictional novel written by Trinidadian writer Samuel Selvon. The novel is set in the World War II era, in Trinidad, where a 16 year old boy named Tiger is married off to a young girl named Urmila. Together they learn how to navigate adulthood and deal with things that they have never dealt with before. The era which the novel depicts is actually very important, as World War II had a huge impact on the socio-economic and political climate of Trinidad and Tobago, and it had numerous positive and negative effects on various industries and aspects of life. Many traditions and even the culture itself changed when the United States established an American Base in the country. Through his characters, Selvon perfectly depicts the state of mind that the Trinidadians had during the Second World War.

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