What era is depicted in Much Ado About Nothing?

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mzach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Much Ado About Nothing is assumed to have been written around 1598.  The story is set around that time in the 16th century, in the port city of Messina.  It is important to note that the soldiers have just returned from war, so it is moving into a post-war era and a time and place of peace.

wanderista | Student

'Much Ado About Nothing' is set in 16th century Italy, in a city named Messina. However, the play was written by a playwright named Shakespeare who lived in the Elizabethan era.

meloud-star | Student

WELL actually , It is believed that Much Ado About Nothing was first performed between 1598 and 1599. In the Elizabethan era there was a huge demand for new entertainment and Much Ado About Nothing would have been produced immediately following the completion of the play.

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