what is the equation to divide any numerical value by zero

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In algebraic terms, the division by zero is meaningless.

You can think in this way: what expression multiplied by zero gives other value than zero? The answer is simple, none.

for instance, we'll consider a polynomial of n-th order:

P(x) = `a_(1)` *`x^(n)` + `a_(2)` *`x^(n-1)` + ... + `a_(0)`

We'll divide this polynomial by 0:

P(x)/0 = ? => 0*? = P(x)

Unless P(x) reprezents zero polynomial, no other value multiplied by zero gives such a value that is different from zero.

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It is not possible to divide a numerical value by 0. The answer would approach infinity.



If you continue (with smaller and smaller denominators);






As you can see the answer gets progressively larger as the denominator gets closer to zero. Therefore it approaches infinity.